The Ultimate Real Estate Competitive Advantage

"Whoever controls the leads in real estate, controls the market."

  • Generate droves of buyer leads
  • Track all on and offline marketing
  • Automate your daily activities
  • Create referrals
  • Automate follow ups
  • Generate seller leads
  • Predict your income goals with certainty
  • Keep track of your agents' success
  • Recruit agents
  • Exclusivity available


World-class technology designed for the real estate market.

Built by agents, for agents

MoneyTreeLeadSystems' tools have been built by world-class agents solving real problems within the real estate industry.

Multiply yourself through technology

When designing MoneyTreeLeadSystems, we built a platform to automate all the mundane and repetitive tasks, without compromising quality or customer experience.

Harnessing the power of big data for analytics

Deliver services your clients want before they realize they want it!

Big Data is the future of real estate

Agents who adopt too late will find themselves too far behind to catch up!

  • View your leads' average income
  • View your Leads' neighborhood home prices
  • Find out your leads' common interests with you

Build instant rapport and fence in your client base before the competitors even have a chance with valuable insider knowledge.

Our Product

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Money Tree Lead Systems - Real Estate CRM - Real Estate Lead Generation

World class technology for the Real Estate Market.


Here at, our entire goal is to create an unfair competitive advantage for our clients. We do this by optimizing your resources and identifying new leads. We also provide you with the ability to track your marketing efforts so you can zero in on your strategies for your specific market!


The problem with lead generation companies today is they only focus on one pillar of lead generation, buyers. Through our proprietary marketing and systems you will be on the fast track of dominating the online market in your area for not only buyers but also sellers.


Amazing recruiting secret reveals how YOU can attract agents to your team or brokerage using simple ads that bring the candidates to you; Eliminating the normal Fear of rejection! Wouldn’t you rather have a proven system in place that helps you avoid resource draining “agent appreciation” events and coffee meetings? We thought so; that's why we provide this asset too!

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Scheduling a webinar allows potential agents to view our system and ask questions.
Giving them that valuable feedback and support needed to get started using our world-class system.

Awesome Testimonials

Hear what our clients say.

Bobby Daddis on Money Tree Lead Systems

Money Tree has allowed us to streamline our lead generation sites, backend dashboard, brokerage AND agent websites into one, easy to navigate system. While most lead gen websites allow for little to no customization, leaving the brokerage or agent to have TWO separate websites, Money Tree allows for one site to do the task of two! Designed with lead capture in mind, everything on our home page has a purpose, and a dedicated drip to go along - and the best drip campaigns in the industry at that! Each of our agents has their own, customizable website with dedicated domain, with their own IDX search and leads that go directly to their backend dashboard, complete with lead tracking, chat feature and more! I have come across in my years of trying out each and every agent lead gen site out there! Support tickets are handled incredibly fast, whether customization requests or general questions on just about anything, they jump all over it!

I couldn't recommend Money Tree more highly! Finally, someone got it right!

Bobby Daddis
Money Tree Lead Systems Testimonials

I have had much success using Money Tree over the past year in the North Carolina area. The system has afforded me to have a life by design and not by default. I love that you can have vendor partners to aide in the cost of the system. I like that the system is always being updated with the latest technology and very competitive with other leading systems out there. The team has always been there for me to assist with any areas that may have problems. I can always pick up the phone and call to speak with a live person. That is not true of most internet run programs of today. Dillon and Allison are great to work with and assist in anything I have needed help with. If you are thinking of changing your lead system out, buying a new system for the first time or upgrading your lead system look into getting Money Tree. If you use all the great functions of this system you will love your return on your money.

Cassandra R.
Real Estate CRM Testimonial

We are familiar with lead generating systems and were looking for an improved site from what our current site had to offer us. From the very first phone conversation with Roy to the last set up call with Allison, we knew we had finally made the right choice in a professional, forward thinking company. They have been so helpful and our whole team of Realtors are excited to see the results!

Megan M.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! We love our clients enjoying an unfair competitive advantage, exclusive to them in this market.

Absolutely! We'll even bill them direct on your behalf.

There are 3 variables which determine the cost, however cost is only an issue in the absence of value. We prove our value through your return on investment. Sign up for the Webinar or demo to learn more.

How many would you like? Our first step is an in depth analysis of the top competitors in your market. We then determine your average cost per lead which in turn creates your budget & ultimately your number of leads.